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Words can’t express the gratitude we have for everything The Delco Group has done for Austin and for our family. They rolled into our neighborhood tonight to present Austin with a five-day vacation of his choice. Throughout this journey, we have been able to see how generous and compassionate people are in our local communities.

Although the road hasn’t been easy, it is people like this who find ways to pick us up not so much in what is received but in something bigger that is given….love and support.

It is a constant reminder of all of the people who came together to make Austin’s recovery one of strength, courage, positivity, faith and belief. These random acts of kindness blast ripple effects across our communities and I have no doubt that those who give to others shall too, reap the rewards of their selflessness.

Thank you to The Delco Group and all who came out tonight to present this gift to Austin. His smile is real and his heart is grateful!! ❤️. You set out to make a difference in his life and YOU DID!!!

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