New Website Goes Live

Thanks to SearchActions and our wonderful sponsors for making this great website in support of our cause.

Austin Goes on Vacation

olled into our neighborhood tonight to present Austin with a five-day vacation of his choice. Throughout this journey, we have been able to see how generous and compassionate people are in our local communities.

Marching to His Own Beat

It has been amazing to watch this daily progress! Motivation poses no competition to pure will and desire to reach a goal! Job well done Austin!

Standing at Attention

Austin is standing up for the first time on two feet! We have NEVER seen a smile so big.

Back in Action

Today, Austin returned to Sanchez Boxing Academy for the first time since his accident.

Benefit Concert

ChariTDI is happy to report that the Benefit Concert held on October 30, 2021, for Austin’s Army raised $33,581.

Cruisin’ in Style

Just getting to this point seemed impossible but here he is in a five-speed wheelchair cruising the hallways!

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