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As we have rolled through these past few weeks hoping and praying that the greater plan begins to form a pathway out the door of Shriners and into our home to get Austin where he needs to finally be, it looks like we may have a finish line to this race. We have nursing set up Monday through Friday …FINALLY!!! It looks like he will be coming home on Tuesday the 9th with nursing beginning on the 10th! What an amazing day this will be!!!

We have learned to be so patient and resilient to change over these past 6 months. So many lessons learned, so much growth not only as parents but as humans. Just as Austin has experienced change physically, emotionally and spiritually, so have we. The ability to seek the “what is to be learned” instead of asking “why”, understand the difference between happiness and fulfillment or joy, and view the world and people around us differently and for the better, has changed all of us in its own way.

So much of how we see the world and those around us is based on our own experiences and how we feel about ourselves. Going through something like this even after coming down paths that have been rocky at times, opens up your heart and your mind to live better and to feel better. I am no expert, but the transition in mindset after multiple life-changing events that have happened to our family, is one worth sharing with all of you….it’s organic and it’s real. We believe that Austin is a gift still here with us and coming home, to change lives.

Austin will be spending his last night in the hospital tonight. Tomorrow will be 178 days spent in the hospital. The emotional and physical roller coaster that has taken place over the course of those 178 days has given a new meaning to life for all of us at home and for Austin.

So much has been learned, so much has been gained and despite the tragedy itself, the beauty of what has evolved is something that is not easy to explain. Austin’s life may have been physically changed forever but the appreciation he has gained just from having a second chance allows him to look past his obstacles and only see a life ahead of success, possibilities and opportunities that he would not have had before.

One thing that we saw firsthand is how a community of thousands called Austin’s Army came together out of the good of their hearts. We were given the chance to see the response of this army and we saw how good people really are. It was as if God’s Grace hit us like a storm. We see the world as good…it opened our eyes to the beauty of what strength in numbers can do led worldwide by prayer.

If we allow it, our minds will always tell us what we can’t do. We will make excuses. We can drown in self-pity and always wish things different than they are but that is a choice that only we can make for ourselves each day. The benefit of reaching these depths of emotions is the ability to seek clarity in how we think, value, appreciate and perceive the world. Not only has Austin been given a second chance to live, but we have been given an opportunity to slow down, analyze how we think, open our hearts freely to faith and reevaluate how we choose to live.

One day I may be able to explain this better as I am still living out the miracle that has taken place, embracing it and figuring out how I can be the best human possible for Austin….how I can be equally strong for him during this next chapter…home where he belongs. I can’t wait to share his journey with you and I hope to one day be able to put into words how it has changed me and how I think because it is a change that could change the lives of all of you!!!

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