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Prosthetic Innovations has become one of Austin’s new favorite places. Just look at him stand up, for the first time on two feet! I have NEVER seen a smile so big. This, today, has been a total game-changer! What a day and what’s even more incredible for everyone is that today….he made it! He got here!

As a family we are all adjusting to his return home and to this new life we now have. Austin is doing his best to navigate the ups and downs that this new normal is presenting him with each day. The pattern has been similar to that in the hospital where there are mostly good days of progress but with that there are also still setbacks and regression.

This journey continues to through curveballs every day but our minds have been so conditioned to handle these setbacks….some of which aren’t quick….that we just continue to exercise patience and gratitude that he is here with us. The mental piece has been seemingly excellent for the most part but there have been breakdowns which is a very normal and healthy part of this healing process.

I once worried about tomorrow, but instead, I’ve learned to rather a treasure today. Though these days are beyond difficult, they are also a gift. Gratefully we have been led down a beautiful path of perspective and because of that, there is no ugly, only beauty.

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