Progress Report

Next Steps

Austin’s current goal is to improve his range of motion and get back to doing more of the activities he loves, like boxing. Intensive physical and occupational therapy is helping him use his prosthetics better every day.

Arms of Steel

Although it will take some time and patience to master the use of his prosthetic arms and hands, it is still another major step towards independence!

Marching to His Own Beat

It has been amazing to watch this daily progress! Motivation poses no competition to pure will and desire to reach a goal! Job well done Austin!

Standing at Attention

Austin is standing up for the first time on two feet! We have NEVER seen a smile so big.

Back in Action

Today, Austin returned to Sanchez Boxing Academy for the first time since his accident.

Cruisin’ in Style

Just getting to this point seemed impossible but here he is in a five-speed wheelchair cruising the hallways!

Austin’s Battle Begins

Austin almost lost his life in a horrific accident; his road to recovery continues to teach us the meaning of miracles and resilience.

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